Currently Accepted Donation Items

We keep close tabs on the stock in our Resource Center. To manage and distribute these resources wisely, it’s important that donors follow these items. If you have a donation that does not fit these criteria, please email us for more information.

High Needs

Juice Boxes, Capri Sun, Kool Aid Jammers
Baby food, Baby Puffs or Baby Snacks
Children’s Mittens and Gloves
Household Items: Paper Towels and Laundry Products
Personal Care items: Lotion, Shampoo/Conditioner
4T-5T Pull-Ups
Canned Fruit
Brownie Mix
Older Children’s Chapter Books


NOT Currently Accepting

Toys (including baby toys)
Socks and Underwear
Safety items (cabinet locks, doorknob covers, etc)
Swimsuits, Shorts, Sundresses, Tank Tops, or Sandals
Winter Hats



Other Accepted Items

Nonperishable Food Items
Canned fruit
Canned meat
Canned vegetables
Canned soups and meals (meals like ravioli, spaghetti Os, etc)
Baking and Cooking items
Breakfast items (cereal, pancake mix, oatmeal, etc)
Mac and Cheese
Pasta, pasta sauce, pasta meals (Knorr Sides, Hamburger Helper, etc)
Rice and Potatoes

Personal Care Items
Face wash, lotion, body wash, shampoo/conditioner
Band aids and first aid item

Children’s Items (NO Rips, Stains, or Holes) 
Children’s Clothes size Newborn – 18 youth (fall and winter only – NO ADULT/JUNIORS SIZES, TANK TOPS, SUNDRESSES, SHORTS, SWIMSUITS, SOCKS, or UNDERWEAR)
Children’s winter coats, snowpants, boots, scarves, and mittens – NO HATS
Children’s shoes (in excellent condition – no sandals, flip flops, or water shoes)
Training Bras
Diapers and Pull-Ups
Baby Wipes
Postpartum items
Breastfeeding supplies (milk storage bags, pumping pals, nipple cream, etc. NO PUMPS OR FLANGES)
Little bowls, plates, cups, baby/toddler silverware, etc
Bottles, Sippy Cups, Pacifiers
Swaddles and sleep sacks
Crib sheets
Baby wash cloths and towels
Baby scratch mittens

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